Achieving My Goal


I sliced through the water. Bubbles rose around me. I had just dived in to start the 50 freestyle. The whole world was quiet under the water. I rose to the surface. Then the world was loud again. I started turning my arms as fast as I could. I pulled in front of the other girls. Then I got to the wall and did a flip turn. I pushed off with all my might. After my last 25, I hopped out of the pool. I found a woman standing in front of me. “Congratulations!” she said and handed me a swim cap that said “Heat Winner”.  I was so happy and proud of myself for achieving my goal!



2 thoughts on “Achieving My Goal

  1. Stacey Jackson

    What a fun story.. Nice to hear your thoughts sweetie.. I love you and am so proud of you!!! Love Grandma Jackson

    Sent from Stacey Jackson’s iPhone


  2. Amber Jackson

    I really like your intro. Makes me want to keep reading to see what happens next. Congratulations on your win!! So proud of you.
    Love, Aunt Amber

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